Difference Between Online UPS And Offline UPS

online UPS system

About online UPS

An online UPS system is a type of uninterruptible power supply that utilizes either a double or delta conversation technology. With double conversation, network equipment does not receive electricity directly from the AC outlets. Instead, AC power travels to a rectifier, where it becomes DC power.

About offline UPS

Offline UPS are the most basic models and designed for use in small, non-critical applications that require protections against momentary loss of power. They are used to protect workstations or terminals.

What are the main differences between online and offline UPS?

The main difference is that the Online UPS gets the direct AC power supply to it and in turn, it uses the AC-DC inverter power to the electronic device.

On the other hand, the offline UPS gets the AC power supply and gets charged but the charged AC-DC inverter power is utilized only when there is power failure.

Another major  differences between online UPS and offline UPS is that the Online UPS provides the power with the help of rectifier and inverter combinations. It simultaneously provides power to lead as well as the battery so that battery can be charged to supply power in case of power failure.

And offline UPS does not provides power to the lead and battery to gets charge.

Time taken in online and offline UPS-

In ONLINE UPS, Time required to switch the path during power outage is termed as transfer time. As the transfer switch in case of online ups is always ON thus, transfer time is zero.

In OFFLINE UPS, time transfer is about 5 minutes.

External distortions between online and offline UPS-

In online UPS immune to external distortions such as surges, spikes and power failure.

In offline UPS, the UPS is not immune to external distortion.

Components of online UPS and offline UPS-

In online UPS, it requires more components and thus it is complex to design.

And in offline UPS, it requires less components and thus simpler in design.

Heat sink of online and offline UPS-

Large heat sink is required in case of online UPS.

Small heat sink is required in case of offline UPS.

On-time of inverter-

Online inverter- the inverter is ON in power as well as during power availability.

Offline inverter- the inverter is ON only when the power failure occurs.

Reliability and efficiency-

Online UPS, the online ups is less reliable because it is ON state always.

Offline ups, the offline UPS is more reliable because it is in ON state only during power outage and thus its efficiency is high.

In terms of application-

In online applications – in medical equipment, in telecommunication equipment etc.

In offline applications – in computers, PCs etc.

Advantages of online UPS-

  • It provides isolation between main supply and load.
  • Since inverter is always ON, the quality of lead voltage is free from distortion.
  • All the disturbances of supply such as blackout, brownouts, spikes etc. are absent in the output.
  • Voltage regulation is better.
  • Transfer time is practically zero since inverter is always ON.

Advantages of offline UPS-

  • Offline UPS has high efficiencies, since charger is not continuously on.
  • The power handling capacity of charger is reduced.
  • Offline UPS are not very costly.
  • Internal control is simpler in offline Uninterruptable Power Supply.

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