Types Of UPS Rack System

A rack uninterruptable power supply (UPS) system is designed for use within standard 19-inch IT racks or rack-based enclosures. UPS rack system must be designed to provide, maximum power in very compact packages that include built-in batteries. A rack UPS generally uses from 1U to 12U of vertical rack space.

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The standby UPS, also known as off-line UPS, provides only the most basic features of UPS. They provide surge protection and battery backup. The protected equipment is normally connected directly to incoming utility power.

When the incoming voltage falls below or rises above a predetermined level the SPS engages its internal DC-AC inverter, which is powered by an internal storage battery. The UPS offers an inexpensive alternative to a line interactive UPS for the protection of the computer and telecom peripherals.

An SPS is the most basic form of the Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) system, where the load is supplied by the regulation while the main supply remains within a specific input window.

The UPS unit tracks the main supply voltage and frequency variation. When the incoming mains supply exceeds the specified quality, it switches the inverter to continue to supply power to the load. The inverter will switch on within a few milliseconds, which is usually longer than that encountered with a line-interactive UPS. 


The line interactive UPS maintains the inverter in the line and redirects the battery’s DC current charging mode to supply current when power is lost. In this design, the battery to the AC power inverter is always connected to the output of the UPS.

Line-interactive uninterruptable power supply (UPS) systems provide both power conditioning and battery backup. This technology is particularly effective in areas where outages are rare, but power fluctuations are common. Line interactive UPS system supports a wide range of input voltage fluctuations before switching to battery backup.


The stand-by Ferro UPS is the inverter in standby mode and is energized when the input power fails and the transfer is opened. The transformer has a special ‘’FERRO-RESORANT’’ capability, which provides limited regulation and output waveform shaping.

The standby UPS also called an ‘’offline UPS’’ is the most common type of UPS found in a computer or office supply store. It draws current from the AC and switches to the battery within a few milliseconds after detection a power failure.


A double-conversion online UPS converts power twice. First, AC input, with all of its spikes, distortion, and other anomalies, is converted into DC. A double conversion online UPS uses a capacitor to stabilize this DC voltage and store energy drawn from the AC input.


Delta conversion online UPS is a technology that saves energy by carrying the package only the difference (delta) between the starting and ending point. The double conversion online UPS converts the power to the battery and back again whereas the delta converter moves components of the power from the input to the output.

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