A Reliable Way To Continue The Workflow In A Data Center

data center UPS system

With time, as technology is evolving day by day, we are becoming more and more dependent on this technology. Now the world is becoming more and more data-driven. It’s more like our entire life is moving around data centers. We are dependent on the proper function of a data center. We are always interconnecting with a data center while posting something on social media, checking bank balances, etc. Nowadays it’s impossible to survive without data centers. Being the heart of the internet a data center always needs to ensure the information availability 100% of the time. 

Before talking about the data center UPS system, it is salient to have a proper idea about the data center. A data center is basically a technical facility with significant computer systems to run a company’s overall services. Information is processed and made available in a data center. It can be described as a place where Data is stored, managed, and circulated across the computers and network infrastructure is installed to support several machines, databases, and so forth. Generally, organizations start with their modest buildings with plentiful server racks. A data center usually houses an organization’s IT operations and equipment. But the most critical thing about a data center is to run it properly. It is a critical place where a little bit of negligence may create a lot of chaos in the entire system. Power disturbances including power outages, fluctuations, sags, surges, blackouts, brownouts, and noise interferences can create bottlenecks for data centers. Sudden unavailability of power or fluctuation in voltages can bring an entire data center to its knees. It is enough to demolish the whole system. Critical equipment in data centers needs a reliable power source. A reliable UPS systemis specifically designed to handle the situation in these types of occurrences. 

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Choose the Perfect UPS System for Data Centers

A reliable UPS not only ensures power availability but also saves critical data center applications and valuable data during power unavailability. Three main types of UPS systems are available in the market. Among them, data centers use online UPS systems to protect critical equipment. 

An online UPS contains an inverter, an energy storage system, and a rectifier. An internal automatic static transfer switch is also included that increases the reliability of the system by transferring the power to a bypass source. The transfer automatically happens if the UPS system detects any fault or problem. The online UPS system also contains a piece of switchgear named external maintenance bypass that allows manual transferring of the critical equipment from the UPS system to bypass the power source. Manually transferring completely removes the power and allows safe maintenance work inside the UPS system. 

Benefits of Using UPS Systems in Data Centers 

A data center contains several critical electrical types of equipment that need wide protection from power outages or fluctuations. Power outages are intolerable in a data center because they may cause data loss, damaged equipment, and corrupt files; take down workflow, and many more. A relevant UPS system becomes a valuable component for data centers by eliminating those bottlenecks. It ensures the functionality of a data center’s workflow without any interruption. It enhances the system availability and eliminates the risk of a single point of failure by working in high frequency. In the case of large businesses where power reliability and availability are the main areas to focus on, a UPS system can be adapted to provide stronger redundancy and power protection for critical loads.  

UPS systems ensure the continuity of the workflow of a data center without any interruption even during several power disturbances and also save valuable data and equipment. It allows the flexible aspect of an entirely superfluous power and controls the system. The reason to use a UPS system for data centers is to keep the power reliably on to continue the workflow. No matter what happens with the grid or anything else, the data center should keep going. UPS system upstream that data center always keeps going. 

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