UPS System- Reasons, a Data Center Needs It

data center UPS system

In this data-driven era, we all are dependent on data centers. In this technology era, everything is dependent on those data centers. The data center is a physical location, which stores IT services and infrastructure. The purpose of a data center is to provide uptime on their equipment. If Businesses need to store data including website, email, online transactions, etc, they can store these documents on a specialized computer called a server, which is connected to the internet and businesses’ local networks. Small businesses may choose their in-house servers or a server room. Data centers need a reliable power source to continue the workflow. Nowadays the world is facing an increase in the use of virtualization and cloud computing while being connected to the internet at all times. The data center is a major part of the internet. It ensures the availability of information all the time. In this situation, a power outage in a data center isn’t acceptable at all. A data center UPS system is the most important part of a data center that protects the equipment 

What is a UPS System?

A battery backup system, which is also known as a UPS system, stands for an uninterruptible power supply system. It is an electrical component that provides backup power to the equipment and protects it by providing enough time to properly shut down during the failure of the main power. A reliable UPS system is salient to ensure the functionality of the load even in power outages.  

There are three main types of UPS systems are available in the market;

A- Online UPS system

B- Offline or Standby UPS system

C- Line-interactive UPS system

Importance of UPS Systems in Data Centers

According to studies power outages or fluctuations are the main cause of data center downtime; it may lead to cybercrime also. UPS system is a single unit, which ensures that power disturbances including outages, fluctuations, brownouts, blackouts, and surges cannot cause any risk to the data center. In case any valuable data which is in memory but not saved due to sudden power failure may have a chance to be lost. A UPS system ensures that this never happens. It doesn’t mean that an uneven shutdown is a threat only to valuable data; it may lead to corrupted configuration and equipment damage. A reliable UPS system is necessary that minimizes the risk of a hard shutdown and protects the electronic equipment.

How a UPS System Reacts to Uneven Power Failures

UPS system contains a battery that turns on after the system detects a power outage or fluctuation in order to maintain the armature until the main power is available or a longer backup power kicks in. Sometimes power surges may damage the equipment. UPS system ensures the equipment’s safety by subduing the surges. It uses a rectifier to convert the AC power to DC power and again convert it from DC power to AC power by using an in-built inverter. A bypass circuit and these two converters pass the power through the UPS and to the connected equipment.

Benefits of Using UPS Systems

Nothing is important if it can’t provide expected benefits. When choosing a UPS system people think about only one benefit of it, which is its ability to provide smooth and uninterruptible power to the load during an event of a power outage. Yes, it’s true. The foremost advantage of a reliable UPS system is, that the equipment won’t run out of power during power failure. But, there are several benefits of using a UPS system. 

As electricity doesn’t always come at an accurate consistent rate through outlets, small fluctuations can’t damage the connected equipment. But over time it can be dangerous. A UPS system prevents damage with its ability to run commercial power through it. Data centers use a huge range of electricity to turn the server on. A UPS system is able to work with commercial power and cut back on the electrical load. 

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