Online Double Conversion UPS- The Best Device to Get an Uninterruptible Power Supply

double conversion UPS

When choosing a UPS for getting the uninterruptible power supply a user always should be careful about choosing the right UPS for the device. A UPS can be used in the case of voltage sag, voltage spike, overvoltage, noise, harmonic distortion, etc. In the fields, where a power outage or power fluctuation can not be tolerated at all such as, computers, transportation, banking medical, and securities, using a double-conversion UPS will always be a better option.
What is a double conversion UPS?

Double conversion is a UPS module, that can be used in online UPS. Basically, there are two types of online UPS. One, that uses a delta conversion module called online delta conversion UPS, and the other one uses the double conversion method
The double conversion module which is connected between mains and load provides an uninterrupted power supply to critical loads. By using this method online UPS can provide a safe, and clean, near to perfect power supply during a power outage.
Power and capability of double-conversion UPS

The practical power range of double-conversion online UPS is 5 to 5000 KVA. It has excellent power conditioning power.
How double conversion UPS protects the loads

Double conversion protects the load during unavailability of power or in the case of power fluctuation. The load/ equipment does not receive direct electricity from the AC outlet. First, it filters the incoming AC power through a rectifier and converts the AC power to DC power, after traveling through a battery and inverter the DC power gets converted to AC output. And finally, the AC power gets delivered to the load, By this process, a double conversion UPS protects and provides an unstoppable power supply to the equipment in case of any virtually power disturbance, which proves that the power that is coming from a double conversion UPS is better than any other UPS systems. It is a UPS above 10 KVA.  
Benefits of using a double-conversion module in UPS

When it comes to IT companies of hospitals, where the fluctuation of power is not affordable for a moment. In case of a power outage, they could lose a lot of money, face security problems and it can be very crucial for patients also. Because in hospitals there are many patients who are alive with the help of life support. It can be dangerous if life support goes offline for a moment. So there are so many places in the world where one cannot afford to lose power. The double conversion module basically does power conditioning. Double conversion online UPS is a single unite where the user gets a constant voltage transformer, stabilizer, surge protection, etc. It does not matter what happens to the grid, the entire power which is coming out of the UPS is stabilized to a state, where is no fluctuation of power. It saves a lot of money.  
Why double-conversion UPS is the best?

In a double-conversion UPS, the conversion of DC power to AC power is really essential. A double-conversion UPS does not take a millisecond transfer time to provide backup power during a power outage. It reduces the risk of losing data. It keeps the load/equipment safe by providing effective segregation to the load from the defective power. This type of UPS can work after the battery dies. It is a battery-independent UPS system. Even if the battery dies the UPS can provide power after power restore. It provides a perfect incoming frequency and excellent voltage regulation. The user can increase the battery backup runtime anytime by adding an eternal battery to it. 
There are so many places that required the highest level of safety, online double conversion UPS are the most effective UPS for them. It is the best choice for data centers, server rooms, etc. Power logic is determined to support their customer by providing them with the best double-conversion online UPS.
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