Online UPS System – the Savior of Lives

online ups system Malaysia

Our lives are intimately involved with this modern technology. Without it, no one can think about spending a single day. UPS system, a blessing of this technology. Places like data centers, hospitals, and security systems are dependent on UPS systems because a single fluctuation in power or power outage can damage a lot. During an event of a power outage, the UPS system ensures the functionality of the places by providing an uninterrupted and smooth power supply to the equipment. Among all of the UPS systems, the online UPS system is the one that is used in harsh places including hospitals, data centers, power plants, etc. It not only avoids disturbances in processes by providing an error-free power supply but also ensures the safety of the critical equipment and valuable data. 

What is an Online UPS System?

Online UPS, also known as the true UPS system, is a static UPS that is designed to provide power conditioning to the equipment during a power outage, or fluctuation. It supplies the primary power flow instead of the main supply to AC load through an inverter circuit and a rectifier during an event of power unavailability. It is light and small in size with a practical power range of 5 KVA to 5000 KVA. 

Data centers and hospitals require the online UPS system most. Datacenter, which keeps priceless data, needs to turn on the devices always, otherwise, there s a huge risk of losing valuable data. During an uneven power outage, those priceless pieces of data can be corrupted. The same thing is appropriate for hospitals too. Hospitals need to run their devices 24/7 to save lives. A single fluctuation is able to take the lives of the patients. An online UPS system is the most reliable power source that not only keeps the valuable data safe, also saves lives by providing a smooth and conditioning backup power and to critical equipment.

Risks a Hospital Faces during Power Outage

Sometimes hospitals may face sudden power outages due to weather disasters such as earthquakes, tornadoes, storms, etc. Now power outages in a hospital even for a moment may leave a direct impact on the hospital performances, staff, and especially on the critical patients who are already fighting for their lives.  

In hospitals, it is necessary to always keep an eye on the patients and maintain friction-free communication. There are patients in hospitals who depend on the operation of equipment. During unexpected power unavailability, their lives can be at risk. Some machines require backup batter as seamlessly and quickly as possible. During an event of power outage not only the patients and the staff but critical patient data, security systems, emergency lighting, exit signs can be interrupted, which definitely affects the entire performance of the hospital facility.

Requirement of Online UPS in Hospitals

The main motto of a Hospital is to save a patient’s life at any cost. To follow this, an uninterrupted and smooth flow of power to equipment including anesthesia machines, ventilators, etc is a life-saving necessity.

An online UPS system has the ability to sustain the functionality of critical equipment, protect valuable patient data during a regional emergency by improving the efficiency and reliability of electronic systems across the entire hospital. Using an online UPS is beneficial than other outdated units because it eliminates the servicing for individual, outdated units and minimizes the overall maintenance cost.

Benefits of Online UPS System

When choosing a UPS for a hospital, it is necessary to check if the requirements, the authority wants and the benefits, the UPS system is providing, are matching or not. To save lives, a hospital always needs a great level of power protection. A reliable online UPS is able to fulfill the requirement by providing the ultimate power protection. The single unavailability of power cannot be tolerable at all. Online UPS system ensures the functionality of equipment by not taking any time to transfer the power, while other UPS systems take at least 2 to 10 milliseconds. 

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