Maxtron MX Series ( 40KVA-120KVA )

Product Features:

    • Advanced Dual-core DSP Control Technology and 3-Level Technology
    • Output Power Factor 1.0
    • Active Power Factor Correnction Technology, Input Power Factor Up to 0.99
    • System Efficiency Improved to 96%, Energy Saving Rate is Doubled
    • Working Efficiency Up to 99% in ECO mode
    • Dual Input Design, Supporting Independent Bypass
    • Advanced Digital and Parallel Technology, Providing Higher Reliability That Single System
    • Wide Input Voltage Range, 50 / 60Hz Auto-sensing Frequency
    • 50Hz / 60Hz Frequency Conversion Mode
    • Compact Internal Layout, Small Footprint
    • Fan Speed Varies Interlligently With Temperature, Reducing Noise and Extending its Service Life
    • Features Strong Fault Tolerance, One Fan Damaged takes 50% of The Load, Two Fans Damaged Take 30% of The Load
    • Comformal Coating Technology to Make UPS Operate In Harsh Environment For a Long Time
    • Effective Hardware and Software Protection, Robust Self-diagnosis Function, Abundent Event Log For Future Check
    • Linear Downgrading in Low Voltage Input Reducing Battery Discharging Times
    • Flexible Battery Confuguration Setting, Selectable Battery Numbers : 30 ~ 44pcs
    • Digitally Controlled Charger ( Max. 36A )
    • Ability to Switch On The UPS by Battery in The Absence of Mains Power ( Cold Start )
    • Zero Switching Time for UPS Power Supply Mode When The Mains Power is Unstable, Ensuring The Output is Uninterruped
    • Settable Delayed Start Time When Mains Power is Restored
    • 5 Inches LCD Colorful Touch Screen, Friendly Human & Machine Interface
    • Powerful Background Software for Parameters Configuration And Online Upgrade
    • Advanced Multi-platform Comminucation for UPS Monitoring : RS232, USB, RS485, NET, Dry Contacts, SNMP Card, Wifi Card and GPRS Card
    • Interlligent Battery Management, Automatic Equalized and Float Charging Control, Charger Dormancy Control, Improving the Reliability of Charger and Extending the Battery Life
    • Options and accessories : RS232, USB, RS485, NET, Parallel, LBS, Dry Contacts, EPO and Battery Temperature Compensation Interface Supplied; Optional SNMP Card, Wi-fi Card, GPRS Card, Battery Temperature Sensor, EMD Detector and SMS Alarms


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