Get an Uninterrupted Power Supply with SLA batteries

SLA battery

UPS system is a foundation of today’s technical society when a single person cannot survive without the touch of technology in life. With time it has become an important part of our life. But problems and their solutions always come together. Just like that, with the prosperity of technology, the main problem that comes up is the unavailability of electricity. A sudden power outage has the ability to destroy an entire system. But as we know, every problem requires solutions. This problem also has a solution, the UPS system. A UPS system is a unit that fulfills the requirement of power during a power outage. Now a UPS system cannot run without a secondary power source, that is the battery. SLA battery is known as the best for UPS systems.

Importance of a Battery in UPS System

UPS system is a unit that provides a stable and smooth power supply after responding to unexpected power failure. Sometimes the system takes a little bit of time to respond to the power outage, which creates a stopgap between the main power source and the backup power. A UPS battery, a secondary power source, ensures the functionality of the load by providing some stockpiled energy and covering the gap between the main power and the backup power during the unavailability of power.

It is a little bit complicated to choose the appropriate battery for the UPS system. Also selecting the correct battery is necessary, so the main condition to pick up the perfect battery is to check every single detail of it, starting from the total cost of ownership, including, maintenance cost, cost management to self-discharge rates, load characteristics, reliability, flexibility, and functionality. Testing is necessary before choosing the battery. Because of the risk to reduce battery life due to excess heat, the battery requires testing.  

What is an SLA Battery?

SLA battery, the acronym of sealed lead-acid battery is also known as VRLA or valve-regulated lead-acid battery. It is a kind of lead-acid battery made by a limited amount of starved electrolyte either formed into a gel or soaked up in a plate separator. Starting from motorcycles, toys, UPS systems, ATV to workout equipment, generators, and many more, SLA batteries have many uses. Sealed lead-acid batteries are available in all sizes, shapes, amperages, and voltages.  

Benefits, an SLA Battery Provides

Maintenance cost is a kind of headache to the user. What if, they can cut the maintenance cost? Yes, it is possible, because SLA batteries are maintenance-free, and also its charge retention ability is almost three times better than other batteries due to their reduced self-discharge rates. Based on the independent laboratory testing SLA batteries are considered non-dangerous, and also not restricted for shipment. No requirement to replace the parts and the lower cost reduce the total cost of ownership of a sealed lead-acid battery. Compared with nickel-cadmium batteries, SLA batteries do not require a time-consuming cycle, and also don’t suffer from a memory effect, which leads to less downtime. 

The lifespan of a UPS system is 3 to 5 years under recommended operating conditions. A reliable SLA battery is designed with a service life of 8 years for instance 12V 7.2AH, which means no requirement of replacing the battery. SLA battery is sealed and explosion-proof with the safety valve installation. It can prevent corrosion with lead aluminum calcium tin alloy, and also has the ability to operate in the temperature range from 0 degrees C to 40 degrees C depending on the type of the SLA batteries. SLA batteries provide trouble-free and safe operation with their valve regulated and spill proof construction. SLA batteries are famous for their easy handling quality. 

Conditions should be remembered while using an SLA UPS Battery

Though sealed lead-acid batteries require less maintenance than other batteries, still the user needs to follow some basic rules and advanced testing. These batteries need to check, clean, and repair as needed. Also, SLA batteries require annual maintenance that includes recording and measuring humidity, temperature, and voltage readings.

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