Choose the Best Secondary Power Source for Your UPS System

SLA Battery

We all know that the UPS system is necessary to continue the workflow even in the absence of the main power source. Owning a UPS system is like an insurance policy for electric equipment. When do people need an insurance policy? When they get stuck in some unexpected situations like they get sick or meet a car accident or something worse than that. Just like that sensitive electric equipment needs a UPS system to be safe from random power outages, brownouts, unexpected fluctuations, etc. If UPS systems can be considered as an insurance policy then a UPS battery is its installment. The battery a UPS system contains is also known as a secondary power source. A UPS battery is able to detect the loss or reduction in the main power and indicates the system to provide backup power. This secondary power source helps the UPS system to protect the equipment against power fluctuations, surges, outages, and other power disturbances. Among other UPS batteries, the SLA battery is considered the most reliable one that not only safeguards critical electric appliances but also saves vital data and information from being lost. 

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What is SLA Battery and why is It Important?

SLA batteries or sealed lead acid batteries are known as VRLA or valve-regulated lead-acid batteries. An SLA battery is a subset of lead-acid batteries, mostly found in the flooded form. SLA is a rechargeable battery with a low self-discharge rate, usually 3.3% per month. SLA batteries are commonly sealed with electrolytes. One can easily use these batteries for up to 6 months without charging, though this isn’t advisable at all. For an SLA battery, periodic recharging is salient every 3 months to ensure its capacity and prevent serious damage. For safety purposes, an SLA battery should be stored in a cool and dry place

After detecting an unexpected power failure UPS system provides a smooth and stable power supply to the equipment. In some cases, the system needs some extra time to respond to the power unavailability, which creates a stopgap between the backup power and the main power source. An SLA battery is a secondary power source for the UPS system that ensures the functionality of the equipment by providing stockpiled energy. A reliable SLA battery is able to cover the gap between the main power and the backup power during a power outage. 

Benefits of Using SLA Batteries

Most UPS systems come with a lifespan of 8 to 9 years and a reliable sealed lead-acid battery is specially designed with a service life of 8 years, which is equal to the lifespan of a UPS system. That ensures that there is no requirement of replacing the battery. SLA batteries are sealed and explosion-proof with the safety valve installation, so it is totally safe to use them. It can avert corrosion with lead aluminum calcium tin alloy. 

A reliable SLA battery can operate in the temperature range up to 40 degrees Celsius. Being maintenance-free, an SLA battery can cut the maintenance cost. SLA batteries provide trouble-free and safe operation with their valve regulated and spill-proof construction and are famous for their easy handling quality.

Best way to Choose a Secondary Power Source for Your UPS System

Picking up a reliable and appropriate secondary backup power source is necessary for the UPS system. Sometimes it seems to be a little bit complicated and confusing but it is salient because only a reliable SLA battery can ensure the flow of power when the main power isn’t available. Before picking up a UPS battery every single detail needs to be checked carefully. It is salient to check the maintenance cost, reliability, functionality, self-discharge rates, flexibility, cost management, and load characteristics thoroughly. Texting is required to eliminate the risk of reducing battery life due to excess heat and choose the best and appropriate battery for the UPS system. As per research, an SLA battery is proven best to be used in households, offices, etc.

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