Benefits of UPS Systems- The Blessing of Technology

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Technology, the most common but valuable part of our life. Right now we are standing on an edge, where the unavailability of technology can make us disable. Basically in this modern era, it is nearly impossible to survive without technology. In this situation, unavailability or a single fluctuation of power can cost a lot, where computer systems have become a critical part of our lives. Even technology has the ultimate power of saving people’s lives, especially in hospitals, where the unavailability of power cannot be acceptable at all. Not only that, but our futures are also dependant on this technology. Because of power outages, there is a high possibility of people losing their jobs, especially in data centers. Critical devices always require a safe shutdown otherwise the possibility of damage increases. A sudden shutdown not only harms the device but also may lead to valuable data loss. Here comes the rescuer of all times, UPS systems. Being a vendor of UPS delivery MalaysiaPower logic has taken the pledge to provide the best category of UPS.
What is an Uninterruptible Power Supply and How It Works?

An uninterruptible power supply (UPS) is a component, used to keep the equipment and computers safe from sudden unavailability or significant reduction of power. UPS system ensures to continue the work process smoothly by providing emergency power to the equipment during the event of a power outage or sudden drops of power. During an emergency, such as a brownout, when the voltage drops, either intentionally or unintentionally, cause a load reduction, that time UPS helps the systems to run as normal to compensate for the depletion in power.     
As a UPS system uses batteries to smoothen the supply, so it contains a battery and battery charger. With some batteries, the UPS system takes over the situation and detects a power outage or reduction in the main power source. Since the battery usually uses DC voltage, the incoming supply is AC voltage. Once it is detected, the UPS system transfers the control over to the batteries through an inverter. Batteries convert the DC voltage into AC voltage via this inverter. A transfer switch is a way that switches between the battery power and AC incoming supply. Generally, basic UPS systems contain parts including, batteries, battery charger, inverter, and transfer switch. 
Types of UPS Systems

Different types of UPS systems are available in the market, but mainly there are three types of UPS systems. 
The first and common one is the offline or standby UPS. This can be normally used in personal computers, It is the most cost-effective among all of the UPS systems. 
The next one is the Line Interactive UPS. These types of UPS systems are designed for small business infrastructure. Line-interactive UPS is similar to standby UPS just with an added ability to regulate voltage automatically. It can detect the lower or higher range of voltage by monitoring the incoming supply. 
Here comes the third one, online double conversion UPS, famous for its efficiency as the primary source of power isn’t the incoming supply, rather it’s the battery power. Basically, there is no transfer switch to close, which means no extra time to switch during the event of a power outage. The batteries simply charge on while the incoming supply is on.
Key Benefits, a UPS System Provides

Time, the most important thing that will never stop for you. So what is the point of wasting it? The foremost advantage a UPS system provides, that is it saves your valuable time. UPS System not only supplies smooth and nonstop power supply but also safeguards the equipment and voltage-sensitive devices from dips, brownouts, spikes, power failure, etc and prevents valuable data from being lost. With UPS systems critical equipment such as computers in data centers, production systems, experience no fluctuation or outage. Not only in commercial industries, UPS systems are a major need in households also.  
After discerning the up growing demand for UPS systems with this advancement of technology we provide the best UPS systems as per your valuable choices and preferences. 
Power Logic has been operating since 1998. By noticing the frequently changing demands of markets, we have decided to provide comprehensive solutions that allow you to protect your most valuable assets including your computers and important data. We have continued to develop unique products to establish our channel nationwide with our commitment and professionalism. UPS & AVR are the first products, we developed. We have various ranges of UPS with capacity ranging from 600 KVA to 480 KVA. We have several types of UPS that deliver reliable power and with real-time power management software, also we can control and auto shutdown multiple servers. Besides that, Power Logic also provides a wide range of UPS for industry use, which is three-phase True online UPS and N+X Modular type UPS. Power Logic Malaysia Top 100 industry, leading in the heavy-duty and high-performance industry for green power solutions.