A Pre-eminent Way to Continue the Workflow in a Server Room

UPS for Server Room

Nowadays technology has become the way of living life. With time it has made the impossible possible. Things, people couldn’t even imagine, have become today’s reality. Technology has spread its branches everywhere. The UPS system is one of the blessings of technology that saves this data-driven world from several problems. Today we are in a phase where we can’t afford power outages, especially in server rooms. A reliable UPS for server room continues the workflow by providing smooth backup power. 

Importance of Using UPS System in Server Room

A server room is known as an air-conditioned room used in data centers, hospitals, many companies, and universities, to support their critical applications including computer servers, cooling components, and associated networking. In today’s data-driven world running a data center is not a piece of cake. To run a server room with more efficiency it is salient to ameliorate the sustainability of the digital activity. A notable rule to run a server is, it needs appropriate supervision. A little bit of negligence may lead to chaos. Applications used in a server room, need to run 24/7, even during power fluctuations, sags, brownouts, power outages, surges, etc. A single power outage in the server is able to bring the whole system to its knees by causing several problems including damage to equipment, valuable data loss, etc. A relevant UPS system is the only way to solve those problems. 

UPS system, the acronym of Uninterruptible power supply system is a sophisticated battery backup unit that provides uninterruptible, smooth power to the load when the main power isn’t available or fluctuates. It protects equipment and valuable data from uneven power problems.  

To continue the workflow several sensitive electric pieces of equipment are being used in a server room. Power fluctuation or outage is intolerable in a server room. Critical pieces of equipment that are used in a server room need huge protection from the instability of power. Besides damaging the equipment sudden power outage also may lead to file corruption and valuable data loss. For being a valuable component UPS system ensures the continuity of the workflow of pieces of equipment in a server room.  

Choose a Reliable UPS for Server Room

The key reason to use UPS for server room is to reliably continue the workflow, no matter what happens with the grid. To keep the functions of a server room running, it is important to choose a reliable UPS system because with power outages UPS failure can also cause downtime in the server room. As server rooms need the highest level of safety from outages, an online UPS system is the most reliable and effective UPS for server rooms.

Usually, there are three types of UPS systems are available in the market that provides emergency backup power to load during power loss, they are- standby UPS system, line-interactive UPS system, and online UPS system. 

Online UPS is better to use in a server room because it provides the highest level of power protection and voltage conditioning, and on the other hand, the other two provide normal and intermediate power protection to the load. Line-interactive and standby UPS systems need 4 to 10 milliseconds to supply clear backup power, at the same time online UPS system continuously provides smooth backup power to the load through an inverter, without taking any extra time during unavailability of power.  

Reasons to Choose Online UPS for Server Room

An online UPS system can convert DC power t AC power with no time and provide backup power to load. It is a UPS with a power range of 5 to 5000 KVA that provides reliable power to the connected equipment to avoid the risk of failure by delivering pure sine wave output. It is beneficial for server rooms because of its high energy efficiency and voltage regulating technology, which saves the server room from electric impulses, frequency variations, outages, fluctuations, and many more. The main benefit of using online UPS for server room is can provide power after restoring even if the battery dies. 

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