UPS Rack System, Provides An Ideal Emergency Power Solution

UPS Rack

We all are stuck in a situation where technology is everything. It has the ultimate power to control the entire situation. On one hand, it can take the world to the pinnacle of prosperity, and at the same time, a little negligence can destroy everything. Electricity is a blessing of technology that has smoothened our life. We are so habituated to the touch of electricity that a little unavailability of power can be the greatest curse to all of us. UPS system is a savior here that can save us this curse by providing smooth backup power. It can be a little bit confusing to choose the appropriate UPS system. A reliable UPS rack system can be the best definition of perfection when it comes to choosing the best UPS system for the equipment. 

What is a UPS rack system?

Rack-mounted UPS systems are specially designed to use within rack-based enclosures and can provide maximum backup power. A rack UPS system is able to fit in a rack with a width of 19” and a height between 1U/44 to 12U/528 mm. This UPS system prevents the failure of the entire system and loss of data by providing instant and smooth power to the equipment. Not only that, it also contains the special ability of the cooling rack-based hardware components. 

How does a reliable UPS rack system works?

The main three components that a UPS system contains are a rectifier, a battery, and an inverter. Similarly, a rack-based UPS system also consists of these three components that ensure the fluent and smooth functioning of the UPS system by working in close collaboration. Rack UPS systems are connected to the main power input and the loads are connected to the outlet of the UPS system to get the instant backup power. The rectifier inside the UPS system converts the AC current into DC power after taking it from the mains and then stores it in the UPS battery. The UPS gets charged through the connected device when the main power is available. But during a power failure the battery stores the DC current and the inverter again converts it to AC current and supplies it to the connected equipment.

Features of a UPS rack system

A reliable rack UPS system ensures the accurate functioning of the load by providing instant backup power. 

Like some other UPS systems, it doesn’t take extra time to supply backup power. It is able to connect devices and provide power without any lag. 

With the ability of instant power supply, it also offers automatic voltage regulation and voltage conditioning. The AVR system ensures the functioning of the connected device after providing clean and consistent backup power. This UPS system also helps in cooling the rack components. 

Benefits of rack UPS systems

Before selecting a UPS system it is necessary to check how much and what kind of advantages it can provide. The foremost advantage of a rack-mounted UPS system is its flexibility and scalability. It can fit anywhere. Rack UPS system can slide in and out of a rack. It comes in handy. Ihas lower maintenance cost and also takes less place, but when it comes to workability, A rack-based UPS system is more reliable than other UPS systems. During an uneven power outage critical equipment may get damaged for sudden shutdown, and also can disassemble the entire work process. A rack UPS system saves the load from sudden shut down by providing smooth instant backup power.  

It can be easily said that rack UPS systems are considered the heart of modern networking systems. It is able to provide reliable and compact power protection to critical electrical components. These specific UPS systems are specially designed for networking equipment and servers used in several rackmount environments. In these environments, it saves a lot of space as the rack-mounted hardware component and UPS systems are kept at the same place. 

Rack-based UPS systems are ideal for critical systems, network closets, network workstations, large network peripherals, VoIP, servers, and workstations.

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