VRLA UPS Batteries, The Best Secondary Power Source To Continue The Workflow

VRLA battery

In this up-growing society, no one can live without technological touch. Modern technology and electricity are becoming the foundation of this modern society. We all are in a phase right now where a single outage or fluctuation isn’t tolerable at all. Still, the unavailability of power has become a ubiquitous problem for all of us. Here comes the UPS system or battery backup system, the savior of the situation. If UPS systems are the key component of industrial environments and IT sectors, then UPS batteries are the backbone of UPS systems. VRLA battery is the most reliable one among other batteries that ensures the functionality of UPS systems and allows them to provide proper backup power to the load in time. 

Why Secondary Power Source Is Salient For UPS Systems?

UPS is necessary to run the entire system, whether it is about running critical medical equipment in hospitals, crucial IT equipment, or a series of surveillance cameras for industrial purposes. It responds to sudden power failure or fluctuations immediately. Now a battery in the UPS system can protect the equipment, as well as the UPS system against loss of coverage during unavailability of power. UPS battery works as a stopgap between the backup power and the main source. Sometimes the UPS system may take a few minutes to respond to the power source. These few minutes are enough to create disaster or cross the line between life and death in places like IT sectors, banks, hospitals, and other critical places. A sophisticated UPS battery makes the UPS systems more reliable and efficient and makes them provides an instant boost of power in emergencies.   

What Is A VRLA Battery?

Several types of UPS batteries are available in the market, but VRLA batteries are the most reliable among them. Valve Regulated Lead Acid Batteries are also known as SLA batteries or Sealed Lead Acid Batteries. These specific lead-acid batteries are made of a restricted amount of gel-formed starved electrolyte. Sometimes they are made up of electrolytes, soaked up in a plate separator. These batteries can be found in all sizes, shapes, amperages, and voltages. These specific batteries have proven their reliability when it comes to providing instant backup power to critical equipment connected to the UPS systems.  

Choose A Reliable Secondary Backup Power

UPS system is known to instantly provide fluent emergency power to the load after detecting an unexpected power loss. Sometimes it takes extra time for UPS systems to detect a power failure and instantly respond to the outage. A reliable VRA battery immediately detects the power outage and reacts to this. It ensures the functionality of the connected equipment. A VRLA battery instantly covers the stopgap between the main power and the backup power by providing stockpiled energy. 

Benefits Of VRLA Batteries

Choosing a secondary backup power is a little bit confusing because lots of things need to check carefully including maintenance cost, self-discharge rates, the total cost of ownership, cost management, functionality, load characteristics, flexibility, and most importantly reliability. 

While selecting an authentic UPS battery it is necessary to check its lifespan of it. The whole maintenance cost and total cost of ownership depend on the battery’s lifespan. Most UPS systems are designed with at least 8 to 9 years of service life. A reliable VRLA battery is available with a lifespan of 8 years which is equal to the lifespan of the system. It ensures no requirement of replacement.  

Safe is most important while choosing a battery. Valve-regulated lead-acid batteries are famous for their ability to operate up to 40 degrees C. The foremost reason to select a VRLA battery for UPS systems is its safety valve installation. They are sealed and explosion-proof which ensures the safety of the equipment. Also, it has almost three times better charge retention ability than any other UPS system.  

When it comes to lowering the maintenance cost a VRLA battery is the best option, because being maintenance-free can easily cut the cost.    

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